11 Best Windirstat Alternatives In 2022 (2023)

WinDirStat has been around for a while helping Windows users analyze and clean their disk. However, this utility starts to slow down and it is no longer the best option for disk analyzer and cleanup. For this reason, many people are trying to find WinDirStat alternatives to get the job done.If you are among this group, you should read the page further. You are about to find the best and most recommended WinDirStat alternatives to this hard disk statistic scanner. These alternatives work similarly to WinDirStat, even better. Scroll through!

11 WinDirStat Alternatives for Windows and Mac

There are several options when it comes to disk analyzer and cleaner, including WinDirStat. But if you are irritated by this tool, the following list of WinDirStat alternatives will help you out. Find the best alternative for your Windows and Mac computer.

1. Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro offers a great way to free up disk space and organize files. When your Windows or Mac computer gets sluggish, hard disk space may be flooded with junk and unnecessary files. This utility helps scan and analyze the disk to figure out the usage so you can take the right actions.Similar to WinDirStat, Disk Analyzer Pro enables you to delete unwanted files and obsolete data. Thus, you can recover disk space and boost up system performance. Not to mention it also helps manage data storage to make it organized.Another thing Disk Analyzer Pro can do is locating the biggest folders and oldest files. Both files are space consuming so you may need to delete them and free up space. With a detailed report of disk space consumption, it enables you to manage disk space prudently.

2. TreeSize

When junk files and obsolete data eat up much space on your hard disk, it’s time for TreeSize to clear the issues. This utility monitors disk space by scanning your volumes in a few seconds and delivers efficient reporting. Thus you know what steps to take the next time.If you find a lot of trash and unused files, TreeSize cleans up your disk quickly. Thanks to the integrated Windows Explorer menu and keyboard shortcuts that helps you get rid of unwanted files within seconds. Disk spring cleaning is getting better with stunning visualization of customizable treemap.While WinDirStat doesn’t allow you to save scan reports, TreeSize offers an export function that enables you to export scan results. The report can be exported to PDF format so you can print it when needed. Best of all, it features an intuitive touch interface if you are using touchscreen devices.

3. SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer is a powerful alternative to WinDirStat for organizing the space disk of your Windows computer. This freeware is lightweight and friendly to your machine so it won’t consume a lot of data resources. Instead, it will help boost the computer’s performance.The portable scanning utility comes packed with abundant features, from user-friendly interface to zoomable elements that allows you to navigate just like a web browser. Supporting drag and drop functionality, analyzing and decluttering your disk is so much easy.There are many other features to find in this tool, such as customization options, powerful filtering to restrict the view content, smart cache scanning, and pop up menu for Windows folders. Plus, it has the ability to scan NTFS.

4. WizTree

If you need a WinDirStat alternative with fast scanning, WizTree should be on the list. It boasts 46x faster scanning than WinDirStat, so you can save time to locate ‘space hogs’ from the hard drive. The key secret of its fast scan is that it reads the Master File table (MFT) from the disk.In addition to fast scanning, WizTree highlights high accuracy as it doesn’t count the same hard linked files twice. This distinctive feature enables the program to allocate space accurately. It also lets you find the sizes of all files including the large ones from the visual tree map.When using this software, you don’t necessarily need to put more efforts since it automatically sorts directories. For personal use, WizTree is available for free. But for commercial use, you will need to make a purchase.

5. Disk Recon

Disk Recon is a product by Blacksun Software that helps reveal information about your disk space. When your computer is slowing down, chances are the hard disk space runs out. This utility allows you to find out where it is gone and how you can recover it.Managing hard disk comes simple, thanks to a bunch of features that offer various functions from searching file to finding duplicate files. You can also monitor files, rename file in a bulk, find out file size, and custom filters.Among other software similar to WinDirStat, Disk Recon is lightweight and cost-effective. It also has a simple and clean interface that is friendly for beginners. Having this program on your PC helps you maintain the performance of the machine.

6. SpaceMonger

Get rid of sluggish PC with SpaceMonger. This disk cleaning utility is designed to quickly free up hard disk space on shared-network and PC. Once downloaded, you can easily scan the computer in a single click. Analyze the result and decide what you need to do with it.In addition to scanning, mapping, and managing your hard disk, SpaceMonger has the ability to copy and delete files to recover your disk space. It also works well to locate large files and folders, thanks to Treemap visuals that are easy to read.Finding files is made simple with flexible search. You can easily locate files by type, size, and custom criteria. SpaceMonger runs well on Windows XP and above. If you are looking for a user-friendly and lightweight disk analyzer, this software should be on the list.

7. DiskSavvy

This disk space analyzer comes in handy to resolve storage issues on your computer. It delivers a straightforward and clean design, allowing you to scan and manage hard disk without putting extra efforts. In this program, you can find a bunch of features like disk analyzer and file finder.Great customization options are a key feature that makes it sufficient for personal use. Not only can you analyze hard disk space usage, you can also filter files by categories like modification time, accessed time, extension, and even username.In order to leverage the user’s experience, this WinDirStat alternative comes with pie charts and statistics. It also supports plugins to add more features. But if you wish to enjoy more advanced features like command line and network drive support, you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

8. JDiskReport

JDiskReport is a simple alternative to find out how much files consume space on your hard disk. Dozens of easy-to-use features help you with analyzing and managing disk space so you know how to get rid of performance issue. With a sleek interface, using this tool will not be difficult.Similar to other disk analyzer utilities, JDiskReport allows you to find obsolete and unused files or folders. It also analyses disk drives and present statistics in charts or tables. Plus, it has top 50 section that allows you to view 50 large files in various locations.What’s more, it features built-in themes for a better visualization. Change the user interface and get a different experience when managing your hard disk. The best of fall, this freeware is ad-free. You can analyze the disk without interruption on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

9. HDGraph

Designed for Windows OS, HDGraph is an interactive disk analyzer that offers a unique way to free up space on your hard disk. It comes with a distinct circular ring chart showing data of your disk space. The largest data comes in the middle and as it moves outward, data size is getting smaller.This is an uncommon way to display data that you cannot find anywhere else. Things are getting better as each section can be double-clicked for a further investigation. If you are bored with table or ordinary charts, HDGraph offers cool, customizable charts.The utility works well not only with hard disk drive but also with the network folder, CD, and USB. Once you find unwanted files or folders with large size, choose delete to recover your disk space. Overall, HDGraph is a recommended program especially if you need a disk analyzing tool with a small download size.

10. TweakNow DiskAnalyzer

Next on the list, there is TweakNow DiskAnalyzer that tells you what is taking up much space on your hard disk. Using this program is easy as pie even without reading the instructions, thanks to the modest and easy-to-understand interface. Analyzing your hard disk can be done in a few minutes!There are two main sections in this tool, General and Summary. While the General section lists and displays data along with their size, the Summary section is where you should do the management. You can also find 20 biggest files in your hard drive so you can decide what to do with these files.If you find unwanted data during the analysis, TweakNow allows you to delete the data to free up disk space. One of the best things of this app is that it generates reports in a simple visualization. With a simple bar graph, you can easily understand which file takes up much space on the disk.

11. SequoiaView

As a reliable disk analyzing utility, SequoiaView helps you analyze the hard disk and find out what is consuming a lot of space. This freeware offers a great way to locate files and folders that take up space on the hard disk and cause performance slowdown.It comes with cushion treemaps, a visualization technique that displays all contents of your hard drive in a single picture. This technique allows you to find large files and folders so you can manage them. Unlike standard treemaps, it offers a distinct visualization for a better approach.Once SequoiaView displays the result, you can select, inspect, and open files and directories. However, it doesn’t allow you to modify the files directly. You can also filter the search by categories like size, name, or modification date.To sum up, there are many WinDirStat alternatives to help analyze your disk and free up space. Since every user has different needs and preferences, you can choose a program that suits you best.


Is there anything better than WinDirStat? ›

The best alternative is WizTree. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer or TreeSize. Other great apps like WinDirStat are ncdu, QDirStat, DiskUsage and DaisyDisk. WinDirStat alternatives are mainly Disk Usage Analyzers but may also be System Cleaners.

Is WizTree better than WinDirStat? ›

WizTree's website claims to be 46 times faster than WinDirStat, and you can definitely feel that when you're using it. Where WinDirStat takes minutes, WizTree takes seconds.

Does WinDirStat work on windows 11? ›

View files taking up space on Windows 11

To use WinDirStat to determine what files are taking up space on Windows 11, use these steps: Open Start. Search for WinDirStat and click the top result to open the app. Select the Individual Drives option.

Is WinDirStat any good? ›

WinDirStat is probably the best free disk space analyzer tool you can find. It displays all the information you need to understand what's taking up valuable disk space on your internal hard drives, flash drives, and external hard drives.

Why is WizTree so fast? ›

What makes WizTree so fast? When scanning NTFS formatted hard drives (most modern hard drives use this format), WizTree reads the hard drive's Master File Table (MFT) directly from the disk. The MFT is a special hidden file used by the NTFS file system to keep track of all files and folders on a hard drive.

Is WizTree free? ›

It's FREE. WizTree is free for personal use.

What is WizTree used for? ›

Description: WizTree is a hard drive scanning software that shows users which files take up the most disk space. WizTree can be used to sort the hard drive by file size and has the option to delete files and folders.

What is WizTree EXE? ›

WizTree is a disk space analyzer for quickly scanning your entire hard drive and showing you which files and folders are using the most disk space. It does this VERY QUICKLY.

How old is WinDirStat? ›

WinDirStat has been downloaded more than 9.2 million times from the official source since the original release in October 2003.

Does Windows 11 have an OCR software? ›

Photo Scan is a free OCR software available for Windows 11. It is available on the Microsoft store for free. It comes up with an already built-in optical character recognition technology that helps extract text from an image file without any third-party source integration.

How do I solve 100% disk usage Windows 11? ›

However, if nothing is obvious, follow the steps below to diagnose and fix 100% disk usage in Windows 11.
  1. Disable MSI Mode for the Default AHCI Driver. ...
  2. Disable the SysMain (Superfetch) Service. ...
  3. Disable Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service. ...
  4. Clean Up Startup Apps. ...
  5. Rebuild Search Index. ...
  6. Disable Windows Search.
Nov 18, 2022

Does Stardock work with Windows 11? ›

"If you've been wishing for Microsoft to fix the Start menu in Windows 11, Stardock has come to the rescue with Start11." "Start11 solves Windows 11's worst Start menu and taskbar sins."

Can you run WinDirStat remotely? ›

Although you may not realize it, WinDirStat can be called from the command line. So, what does this mean? And, why is that important to you? Well, that means that you can specify a remote target for WinDirStat to start scanning.

How do I clean up with WinDirStat? ›

To use WinDirStat to determine what files are taking up space on Windows 10, use these steps:
  1. Open Start on Windows 10.
  2. Search for WinDirStat and click the top result to open the app.
  3. Select the Individual Drives option.
  4. Select the drive you want to see what files are taking up space. ...
  5. Click the OK button.
Jun 24, 2022

What is Msixvc? ›

MSIXVC is an abbreviation of Microsoft Installer for Xbox Virtual Console. As the name implies, this folder is used to store the disk images of the Xbox games on your PC and other critical files associated with the Microsoft Store and Game Pass apps.

Why is WinDirStat so slow? ›

WinDirStat must parse every single file on the target volume to determine the size. For 7TB of data, that can be a painfully slow process, especially if the filesystem is made up of many small files rather than a few large ones.

Is disk Savvy free? ›

A Full Review of Disk Savvy, a Free Disk Space Analyzer

One free disk space analyzer program you should definitely check out is Disk Savvy. There are so many custom options and useful functions throughout every screen of the program that you'd think the software would be hard to use.

Does Wiztree work on network drives? ›

WizTree obtains information by directly scanning the MFT file, so it can only work with local (directly attached) drives. It won't work with network drives or substituted drives.

Is WinDirStat free for commercial use? ›

WinDirStat is free software published under the GNU General Public License, version 2. In general that means you are free to do whatever you like with the binary form (mirror it, put it on media accompanying printed magazines and also use it inside your company) free of charge.

Is Space Sniffer legit? ›

SpaceSniffer is a good, free, disk usage visualization tool. It can be very helpful for system administrators to get a quick overview of the contents of network drives and pinpoint unusual file or space allocations.

What is WinDirStat portable? ›

WinDirStat Portable is a lightweight program that lets users quickly identify the biggest space hogs on their machines and then take action to tidy things up.

What does WinDirStat clean up do? ›

WinDirStat is a great tool to determine what files are taking up the most resources on a given volume. Running a WinDirStat scan will reveal a graphical representation of the drives scanned.

What can I delete in WinDirStat? ›

Each file type (MP3, ZIP, EXE, JPEG, etc.) is assigned a color in a collage of squares that are large or small, depending on how much space that file type is using. Once you pinpoint the storage hogs, WinDirStat allows you to permanently delete the files from within the app.

How do you run WizTree? ›

To call wiztree.exe from a batch file script, use start /wait wiztree.exe to wait for the export to complete before moving on to the next line. If you're using 64 bit Windows then use start /wait wiztree64.exe as wiztree.exe will launch wiztree64.exe automatically and return immediately.

What is blackbox exe? ›

blackbox.exe is a legitimate process file popularly known as Blackbox for Windows. It belongs to Blackbox for Windows, developed by The Blackbox for Windows Development Team. It is located in C:\Program files by default.

Can I delete AppData? ›

The AppData folder is located at C:\users\YOURNAME, where YOURNAME is your Windows profile ID. Don't move or delete files from the AppData folder; doing so will corrupt the linked program.

What does WinDirStat stand for? ›

www.windirstat.net. With a name that we're pretty sure is short for Windows Directory Statistics, WinDirStat is an open-source program, which means anyone can download it for free and can even make changes to it if they wish. It's essentially a clone of the Linux app KDirStat, which is also open source.

Is there a portable version of WinDirStat? ›

Alternatively, WinDirStat Portable and X-WinDirStat are also available.

How old is my disc? ›

To find the age of your Discord account, first, go to the “User Settings”, click on the “Advanced” category and enable “Developer Mode”. After that, click on “My Account” and copy the Discord user ID. Then, go to your favorite browser, and open the “Discord ID Creation Data Checker” online tool.

Can I delete Windows old? ›

You can delete it, but keep in mind that you'll be deleting your Windows. old folder, which contains files that give you the option to go back to your previous version of Windows. If you delete your previous version of Windows, this can't be undone (you won't be able to go back to your previous version of Windows).

Does Windows 11 have a malware scanner? ›

Windows 10 and 11 include Windows Security, which provides the latest antivirus protection. Your device will be actively protected from the moment you start Windows. Windows Security continually scans for malware (malicious software), viruses, and security threats.

Does Windows 11 have scandisk? ›

Run chkdsk to repair a Windows 11 hard drive

Figure A: Scan your hard drive for any errors through the Tools tab on the drive's Properties menu. On the Tools tab, click the Check button. Windows 11 might warn you that it has found no errors, but you can scan anyway.

Which OCR is best? ›

The 7 best OCR software are Nanonets, ReadIRIS, ABBYY FineReader, Kofax OmniPage, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Tesseract, and SimpleOCR.

Why is C drive full in Windows 11? ›

Virus or malware issues can cause your files to fill up the system space. As mentioned above that by default, most files are saved in the C drive. So you may have saved a huge file that you are not aware of. Windows may have generated cache, temporary downloads, or junk in the Local disk C.

Why is my SSD running at 100 Windows 11? ›

Leftover temporary files could be causing extra disk load, and deleting the files can fix 100 percent disk usage on Windows 11. To delete temp files from Windows 11: Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R to launch the Run dialog. In Run, type %temp% and click OK.

How do I free up 50gb on Windows 11? ›

Free up space with Cleanup recommendations
  1. Select Start > Settings > System > Storage > Cleanup recommendations.
  2. Review each of the categories, including Temporary files, Large or unused files, Files synced to the cloud, and Unused apps, and select the items you'd like to remove.

How much is Stardock Start 11? ›

2 adds the ability to ungroup items on their taskbar in centered or left-aligned modes, taskbar resizing, and enhanced multi-monitor support that lets users define window grouping for primary and secondary monitors. Start11 cost $5.99 and works with both Windows 10 and 11. You can learn more from the Stardock website.

How do I get the classic Start menu in Windows 11? ›

To do this, click the regular Windows 11 Start button, go to All Apps, select the folder for Open Shell, and click the shortcut for Open Shell Menu Settings. At the Settings screen, choose the Start menu layout you prefer -- Classic style with one column, Classic with two columns, or Windows 7 style with two columns.

Is Start11 good? ›

Mostly Positive (17) - 70% of the 17 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. All Reviews: Very Positive (145) - 87% of the 145 user reviews for this software are positive.

Can you run WinDirStat on a network drive? ›

WinDirStat, has tools to allow you to launch command prompts, cleanup the drive and even open Windows explorer to see the directory where the file resides. The tool can be used on network drives using UNC paths. You can download WinDirStat for free at http://windirstat.info/ .

Can WinDirStat delete files? ›

You can delete files by right clicking the desired folder or file and choosing delete to recycle bin (recoverable) or permanently delete (unrecoverable).

How do I use WinDirStat on a network drive? ›

Services: WinDirStat
  1. Launch WinDirStat.
  2. Select the drive you would like to scan.
  3. Click OK.
  4. If you would prefer to pick an individual folder to scan, click the “A Folder” radio button and browse to the folder you would like to scan.
  5. The software will scan your selected drive.
Apr 19, 2022

How do you check a dirty disk? ›

Running chkdsk in the Command Prompt

In the search bar located in the taskbar, type cmd. Double-click Command Prompt. To check the selected disk, type the chkdsk command and the drive letter of the drive you want to check at the command prompt.

How do I clear a disk for free? ›

One of the easiest ways to clean up files you no longer need is by using Disk Cleanup. Open Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Disk Cleanup, and then, in the list of results, select Disk Cleanup. If prompted, select the drive that you want to clean up, and then select OK.

What is clean Diskpart? ›

Diskpart Erase/Clean will permanently erase/destroy all data on the selected drive. Please make certain that you are erasing the correct disk. Remove all additional drives from the computer excluding the drive you are booting from and the drive you want to Erase/Clean.

What apps do I not need on Windows? ›

5 Unnecessary Windows Programs You Can Uninstall
  • Java. Java is a runtime environment that enables access to rich media content, like web app and games, on certain websites. ...
  • QuickTime. BleepingComputer. ...
  • Microsoft Silverlight. Silverlight is another media framework, similar to Java. ...
  • CCleaner. ...
  • Windows 10 Bloatware.
Jun 11, 2019

What is WindowsApps? ›

The Microsoft Windows Operating System has a hidden folder called "WindowsApps". It stores Microsoft application files and other important files to enhance your Windows experience. The WindowsApps folder generally contains a large amount of reusable space.

What apps can I safely uninstall from Windows? ›

What apps and programs are safe to delete/uninstall?
  • Alarms & Clocks.
  • Calculator.
  • Camera.
  • Groove Music.
  • Mail & Calendar.
  • Maps.
  • Movies & TV.
  • OneNote.
Sep 13, 2017

How do I clean up space with WinDirStat? ›

To use WinDirStat to determine what files are taking up space on Windows 10, use these steps:
  1. Open Start on Windows 10.
  2. Search for WinDirStat and click the top result to open the app.
  3. Select the Individual Drives option.
  4. Select the drive you want to see what files are taking up space. ...
  5. Click the OK button.
Jun 24, 2022

What does WizTree do? ›

WizTree is a hard drive scanning software that shows users which files take up the most disk space. WizTree can be used to sort the hard drive by file size and has the option to delete files and folders. Additionally, file data can be exported to Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format.


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